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Travel Planning Fee

Cost and Process for Working with a Travel Advisor

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What is Luna Moons?

Luna is a full-service planning and booking platform that empowers travelers to plan the perfect trip. Starting as a honeymoon brand, our platform was built to empower couples to design and book the perfect itinerary together online. Our platform enables real-time collaboration and itinerary design and is backed by our team of full-service, travel advisors. Our professional advisors use their insider access and industry know-how to ensure your trip comes together while saving you time, money and your sanity.

How does it work?

Tell us about your trip by starting an itinerary online or completing our travel questionnaire. Work with your co-traveler to make your itinerary come to life and then connect with our experts to take care of all of the tedious logistics and reservation details. Read more about the process here.

How much does it cost?

Luna's platform is free to use for dreaming up your perfect trip and exploring destinations and itineraries, however, we charge a travel planning fee for our custom travel planning and booking services. The fee starts at $100 and is a small price to pay for the countless hours you'll save planning the logistics of your trip. By working with a consultant we can often save you money through specially-negotiated rates, additional amenities, and perks at hotels — not to mention the personal touches included in every trip we plan.

What does the planning fee include?

By paying the planning fee, you are securing a V.I.P. status for your trip. Once paid, you will be promptly paired with a travel consultant expert who serves as a dedicated resource for all the logistics of your trip. Your consultant will work with vetted hotels and suppliers to secure the best rates, unique excursions, exclusive skip-the-line access and coveted reservations you could not procure on your own. The fee also ensures trip support during travel, granting you the peace of mind that someone is always there in the background and in case of questions or emergencies.

I'm ready to be paired with my personal travel consultant.

Great! We can't wait to help make your dream itinerary come to life. You can pay the planning fee here. Once paid, we will confirm the receipt of your payment and follow up within 24 hours about your trip.

Pay Your Planning Fee

Why not just book your trip myself?

We hear this all the time. With all the resources and online sites out there, why not book the cheapest rate you can find on a fill-in-the-blank deal site? The truth is, you can book some of your reservations yourself, however, we guarantee you won't have the same unique trip and experiences. By booking with Luna Moons, you will save countless hours mapping out the tedious logistics, cut through the noise of travel review sites and deceptive pricing and add value to your trip through our industry relationships and local experts.

What happens if I need to cancel my trip?

We are sorry to hear you canceled your trip, however, the planning fee is non-refundable. This cost covers the hours and investment spent on researching and working on your behalf on the logistics of your trip. To apply the trip planning fee to a future trip with Luna, please send an email with your payment details to hello@lunamoons.com for our review and consideration.

Have additional questions? We’re here to help. Please contact us.